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General Questions about Postwire Health


What is it?

Postwire Health is a powerful first-of-its-kind platform that allows healthcare providers, patients, caregivers and care coordinators to easily share information and communicate all in one place. 

Why Postwire Health?

Studies show that people forget or misunderstand over half of what they hear during a healthcare visit.  This breakdown in communication leads to poor compliance, unfavorable outcomes and unsatisfied patients.  Providers and patients need a solution to this costly problem.  That solution is Postwire Health.

Who is it for?

Postwire Health is for anyone interested in improving communication in healthcare.  Providers and patients use Postwire Health to share information, improve understanding and stay connected.  

Is it HIPAA-Compliant?

Yes!  Postwire Health is a HIPAA-compliant way for providers to securely capture and share content with their patients.  For more information on HIPAA-compliance, email info@postwirehealth.com.

Can I try it for free?

Yes!  Register for a free account at www.postwirehealth.com and create up to 3 patient pages to experience Postwire Health.

How much is it?

Postwire Health is free to try with 3 patient pages.  Each Basic Professional license costs $45 per month or $450 per year.  This license allows a provider with unlimited password secured patient pages as well as the ability to include your practice’s logo for branding.  For multi-provider practices or larger healthcare organizations, Enterprise licenses are available.  Please e-mail us at sales@postwirehealth.com to schedule a demo and for pricing information.

Is Postwire Health free for patients?

Yes and patients don't need to download any software or any app to experience Postwire Health.  Patients can view their personalized page using most browsers on their computer, tablet or phone.

Does it work with my EMR?

Postwire Health is an advanced patient engagement and communications tool that is "EMR-agnostic".  This means that it works independently from your EMR software but there are ways to incorporate Postwire Health into an EMR. For more information, please email us at info@postwirehealth.com

Does it work with my website?

Postwire Health is also "website-agnostic" meaning that it works independently from your website.  While traditional websites are used as a way for providers to advertise their practice, Postwire Health is a way for providers to deliver customized and relevant content to their patients. Many providers include a link to their website on the Postwire Health pages they create for their patients.  

Can I get a discount on multiple licenses?

Yes, multi-user license discounts are available to organizations that would require multiple licenses.  Please e-mail sales@postwirehealth.com for more information.


Technical Questions

 email support@postwirehealth.com

Billing Questions

 email billing@postwirehealth.com 

Other Questions

 email info@postwirehealth.com